The Kool3 Kube cooling system is a Peltier junction based cooling system designed to cool the torso of individuals in overly hot conditions such as automobile racing. The Kool3 Kube cooling system consists of the Kube cooling system, and a vest the driver wears to cool their torso. The diagram below shows a typical Kool3 Kube system in a race car.

The Kube cools water in the system and pumps it through tubing in the wearer’s vest which cools their torso cooling their blood. The system has been found to considerably reduce perspiration, heat stress, and heat fatigue associated with exercise in extreme heat conditions.

The Kube cooling device is usually mounted on the roll bar or floor of the car. The water coolant hose is then run behind the driver’s seat and fastened to the frame of the car.

Due to the extreme temperatures in race cars the Kool3 driver cooling system requires outside the car ambient air to cool the system. This air is usually provided through a NACA duct in the car with a 3” air hose mounted to the air input on the Kube cooling unit. Air from the Kube can be exited in the car or removed from the car if desired through an exit NACA duct and hose.

The driver controls the temperature in the vest through a control box which can be mounted to the floor or console of the car. The driver can choose maximum, medium or minimum cooling to fit the conditions they are racing in.

The Kool3 Kube driver cooling system is a closed system. There is no reservoir to fill on the cooling unit. A coolant bottle is provided with the system to prime the cooling unit and vests. Simply hook the coolant bottle in line with the vest and hose running to the vest and turn the system on for several minutes and the system is primed. The system will lose minimal water during use as all the connectors used in the system are valved to retain water in the system once primed.

The Kube runs on 12V and draws 23 amps max when starting. The unit draws 17 amps on maximum cool, 14 amps on medium cool, and 10 amps on minimum cool. A power cord is provided with the system.

Equipment size and mounting footprint are shown below.


The Kool3 vest is built to a high quality standard.

When we set out to design our vest, we had three criteria:

  1. Fire Resistant: We build the most fire resistant garment possible using today’s best materials. The entire vest makes use of modern CarbonX fabrics, including bindings, thread, and Nomex zippers.
  2. Comfort: By using dual zones, the tubing is sandwiched between two knit weight layers of CarbonX, the inside layer, which is next to your skin, needed to be as soft as possible. We use a special CarbonX knit material that incorporates anti-microbic properties that inhibits the growth of bacteria. These properties can help keep the garment fresh much longer. Our vest is lightweight, strong and exceptionably comfortable. Teams and drivers we've worked with have remarked about the comfort of our vest, thinking it was like just wearing a cotton T-shirt under their race suit. It's important the vest be worn next to the skin to be as efficient as possible so comfort is a key feature.
  3. Safety: Our vest garment meets all the safety regulations set by the F.I.A., distinguishing it as the only garment for driver cooling in today’s market place to be F.I.A. compliant. We're proud to provide not only the best built personal cooling system on the market today, but also 100% American made!

“Wear it for Safety - Enjoy it for Comfort” is our motto, so we dare you to be Kool the KUBE way.

Stop by and meet us at the PRI show December 1-3, 2011. Click the link below to see the booth map and where we'll be set-up for demos and information.

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